Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy birthday, Brother Arthur

Arthur Yarborough, Jr (August 23, 1960 - April 6, 1984)
A short life, but well lived...

Today my heart is aching and I am especially yearning for and missing my brother, Arthur.  If he were still here, this would be his 51st birthday.  Arthur's birthday was always special for both of us, because it marked the beginning of the almost five month period each year when he would claim to be two years older than me.  Notice I said "claim", because in reality, Arthur and I were less 17 months apart.  But from August 23rd of each year, until the following January 16th (my birthday), his numerical age was two years, instead of the usual one, ahead of mine.  Arthur used to announce this publicly, any chance he got, and he tried to use it as leverage to get extra privileges from our parents, even though we all well knew that he was no older than me than he'd been before his birthday, lol.  I can just hear him now, saying, "But I'm TWO years older than her!!!) But for me, August 23rd always meant the beginning of almost five months of teasing, taunting, and torture (just kidding) at my expense, as my "almost twin" brother boosted his own ego by trying to seem "older". :)

I'd give anything to have my brother back.  As I mentioned in my tribute to him last year, it was he who shared my childhood memories; he who knew all of my secrets, and I"m pretty sure I knew all of his.  We shared so much growing up together, and now there's no one with whom I can reflect on those memories.  But, God knew best when he chose to take my brother at the age of 23.  He was loved and cherished by many here on earth, but he is in a better place now.  One day, we'll meet, again.

Happy birthday, my dear, dear brother.  I'll catch up with you in January. :)