Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Nicest Thing!

A while back we were encouraged to post about the nicest thing another blogger had done for us. At the time, I didn't submit a post - not because I haven't been the recipient of any kind gestures her in the blogosphere, because I have - but simply because at that time, I was having a hard time recalling each and every incident of kindness that had been shown me, and I didn't want to slight anyone by just posting about what I could recall. However, today another blogger has gone the extra mile for me, by reaching out to assist me in overcoming a technical difficulty that I just happened to mention in a comment I made on her blog, so I've decided to thank her, publicly!

A few days ago, I visited Before My Time. I don't remember how or why I came across this blog, but while there, I noticed that the writer, "TK", was using Blogger, and that her wonderful video tributes to her Auntie Marceline were posted directly on her blog, something I had tried every which way (except the right way...lol) to do a couple of weeks ago when I posted my Sentimental Sunday - A Musical Tribute. Well, just as a result of my mentioning that I'd tried to do that, TK went out on an limb and sent me a private email with her phone number and an offer to explain to me just how she'd done it. She even offered to make the long distance call herself, if I wanted to send her my number. Wasn't that nice?

I received this email from TK earlier today, just as I was about to go out, so I wrote back and told her I'd give it one more try later in the day, and if it didn't work, I'd call her. So, that's exactly what I did. Needless to say, my attempts to post the video still didn't work, so I called TK, and within just a few quick minutes, she'd walked me through the necessary steps, and the video was on my blog!

The solution was a simple one, but it was one of those things you just had to "know" how to do. :) So, KUDOS, to TK for being a great new blog-friend, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

(And just to show off my new skills, here it is again!)


  1. You're most welcome, Renate. It just pleases me no end, to see this lovely video right here on your blog where it belongs!

  2. Renate,
    Great story. Glad you got the video posted. The acts of kindness here in the genea-blogging community are endless and so much appreciated. This was a really nice jesture from T.K.


  3. T.K. rocks! And I've known that for quite some time now! I love the video and your daughter's performance is wonderful.

  4. Renate,
    A lovely gift at this giving time--TK's gift of sharing her skills, your daughter's gift of music, and you, your gift of sharing all of this with us.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Renate. Several weeks ago I started a draft of a similar blog, but set it aside due to the time-crunch of the November-December holidays. Many of my own genealogical discoveries could not have been made without the "kindness of strangers". They are long overdue for some well-deserved praise.

    BTW ... beautiful music from a beautiful and talented young lady. As a mother you've obviously done it right!

  6. Thanks, everyone, and thanks again, T.K.!