Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - An Unusual Find

Last week I visited Calvary Cemetery, in Norfolk, VA, the resting place of several of my maternal ancestors. Although my personal goals for the visit were met with disappointment, due to the fact that I learned that my ancestors were buried in a completely unmarked plot, I was pleasantly satisfied with my visit to the original section of this cemetery.  Calvary is the oldest African-American cemetery in Norfolk, and has several former slaves resting in its grounds.  I took several pictures and made a couple of recordings in that part of cemetery, and then just decided to ride around a bit more. It is a very large cemetery!

Just as I was about to leave, I encountered this massive brick structure with it's inscribed obelisk, so out of curiousity, I checked it out.   I thought this too interesting not to share, so here is my submission for Tombstone Tuesday.

The inscription on the monument reads:
Reverend William Lewis family vault:
Rev Lewis died Nov 12, 1882 aged ?8 years
Mary E Lewis died c 1886 aged 66 years
                                                              Husband and Wife

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  1. Renate,

    Nice post, and a beautiful picture. Thanks for your kinds thoughts on my similar post. Yes, you should definitely post those names that you have. It's a good way to get the info out there, and another way to honor those buried in this cemetery.