Monday, August 30, 2010

Touching bases with my readers

Hello, dear readers:
I just wanted to stop in to say hello and to let you all know that, although I miss blogging, I've decided to extend my hiatus, indefinitely.  I don't have a real explanation to offer, other than the fact that each time I get ready to jump back in, something pulls me back and says, "Not yet.  WAIT." 

I have continued to read and follow the rest of you, and have joyously celebrated in my heart whenever one of you has a genealogical "happy" moment.  I've mourned for those of you who've experienced losses over the summer, and have been adding my prayers for those who've made requests (for themselves or for others).  I've often wanted to leave comments on your posts, but because I've taken to doing most of my reading on my phone, I haven't been able to.  Apparently, my phone is not "smart" enough to allow this.

Being the introspective person I am, I know that I must continue to reflect on my blogging experience, and to redesign some things about the way I do this work before I am ready to return, but return, I will.  In the meantime, please know that I'm with you all in spirit, and I'll try to read from the computer more often, so that I can support you with my comments!

Many blessings,


  1. Thanks for "touching base." I miss your posts but know that you will return when it is the right time.

  2. it's good to read a new post from you. Looking forward to your comments and eventual return to blogging.

  3. Like Greta says, we miss your posts, so, we wait. Make it right for you, see ya soon, we hope.

  4. Ditto what Greta said. And we'll be waiting when you come back.

  5. Come back when you can. Waiting patiently.