Wednesday, July 13, 2011

(Amost) Wordless Wednesday - My Mom the Military Wife

My mom, Maryanne Hill Yarborough, standing, center.

This photo would have been taken sometime between 1956 and 1964, most likely in the late fifties, though.  The back has our last name, "Yarborough", faintly written in pencil (probably because this was the copy set aside for my parents), and then, in my mother's handwriting, "A coffee for Army Officers' Wives".  The location is unknown, but was most likely either Bremerhaven, Germany, or Cleveland, Ohio.


  1. Nice Picture. Renate, were you a military "brat>?"

  2. Thanks, Joan. Ummm... not exactly. My father retired from the Army when I was two, so I didn't really get to do the the traveling, or live on bases, etc., like my brothers did. However, I did grow up using all of the amenities on the military bases all around us, like the pools, bowling alleys, commissaries, base exchanges, and such. :)