Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless (Wedding?) Wednesday

Jessie Green (maybe?)

Yes, this is supposed to be "wordless", but this time, I'm asking for your words!  I took a snapshot of this photo at a recent family reunion, but I'm hesitant to agree that it is the person who the owner of the picture had it labeled as.  If anyone can date this dress for me (even approximately), it would be very helpful in helping me to make my case.  Also, do you think it looks like a wedding dress?  I do.



  1. Sorry that I cannot post any words of wisdom to help with dating this photo, but I just wanted to say - what a gorgeous and fascinating-looking lady!

  2. Greta stold my exact words. She is beautiful and fascinating looking.

    I think it looks like a wedding dress, wild guess of the time frame, before 1900. I am lousy at dating clothing.

    If you have not, maybe a visit here will help?? If not, you will have fun looking around! LOL


  3. It could be a wedding dress but I have photos of my grandmother and her friends dressed all in white, before 1915. Not sure about the date though.

  4. It could be a wedding dress. I compared the neckline to a picture of one of my great grandmothers. Even though the dresses aren't exactly the same, especially the coloring, the necklines look similar. The great grandmother I compared the photo to lived from 1864 - 1917.

  5. I suggest you call the photo detective and have her look at it. Her name is Maureen Taylor. And she has a website. She can do wonders about identification, with clothes and hairstyles etc. She helped me a great deal. Mary Ellen Aube

  6. It could be a shirt dress or dress she is wearing with a Victorian high collar/neck.

  7. Sorry this photo is not a photo I'd be comfortable in dating. However, you can try posting the photo on rootschat.com. They have a board called "Photo Restoration". ON this board you can post photos you'd like fixed or a phot you need help in dating. I've had a few of my own photos dated here.

    Regards, Jim
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