Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Awakening

W-O-W. That's really all I can say to express how ridiculously behind the times I've discovered I am in my awareness of, and participation in the electronic genealogy community! I've had no idea that all of you were out here, especially those doing African-American research! Blogs, podcasts, conferences, EVERYTHING is happening on the web, and I didn't know! For the past ten+ years I've been just trudging along on my own, doing great research, but basically keeping it all to myself. I've spent hour upon hour in graveyards, courthouses, Register of Deeds offices, libraries, and even cemeteries, but never was I aware of the existence of so many forums in which I could share my work, my struggles, and/or my triumphs. I've experienced the ups and downs - the highs and lows of this "hobby" (lol) that we all have, but it's always just been a solitary experience, except for those few times that I've tried to share my excitement or my woes with a befuddled friend or a totally uninterested relative. (More on that, later.) Never did I dream that so many people were sharing my same experiences, or that there could actually be a "support group" of sorts out there for people like me. :)

Since joining genealogywise.com last week, which was the beginning of my awakening, my own research has been pretty much on hold, as I've spent the majority of my time perusing others' sites, exploring newfound resources (thanks to all of you), and conversing online with other researchers. I'll admit my guard is still up a bit -- I've been well-trained to keep my work to myself, for fear of another researcher "stealing it", or using it to his or her benefit. I guess now, I am the proverbial brick wall that needs to be broken down, but somehow I sense that all of you are going to take care of that. LOL... Thanks in advance.