Monday, August 3, 2009

Diversion - SUCCESS!

I am so FULL right now, I just had to come back to share this will you all. Just 3 days ago, I posted, "An Interesting Diversion" and told you all about using my genealogy knowledge to help someone who was trying to find her birth family. Well, we've been emailing back and forth all weekend, along with two other people who ran across her post on adoption.com. I've known since the first day that we'd already found the right people for her, but of course we had to dig deeply to make absolutely sure we were on the right track. In the end, it wasn't me who gave her the gold, but that's okay - I gave her the start! I am just so happy right now for Pattie, I don't know what to do! I can't believe how deeply this has touched me. Three days, and Pattie has found her family.
Read this email I just got from her. (I'm initializing her siblings' names for privacy purposes.)

Subject: I found them!
I have connected! I am so excited! I am so emotional and on information overload and exhaustion. I will email you all later and tell you the story. Right now I am not able to talk or make sense.

Ladies, Thank so so much for your help. it never would have happened without your skills and dedication to helping a perfect stranger. I am so grateful. I cannot tell you how full my heart is right now!

I have talked to my sister, MG, in Wellington, KS, for hours this morning. Danis' document late last night , the obit for FS, was the break we needed. I have talked to another sister, who was very nice, but didn't know much. M is a gold mine of information, and we will meet soon. She is 72. I am 66. I am so grateful we have connected and I can put my questions to rest. Thank you so much. Pattie.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to help her along with others' to find Pattie's birth family. What a blessing.