Saturday, August 1, 2009

Black Genealogy Summit


I'm so sad that I didn't know about this sooner, but it looks like it will be a wonderful event, so I want to promote it on my site. Unfortunately for me, I don't think I'll be able to pull it together (financially) to be able to attend on such short notice, but I look forward to seeing posts and hearing about it from those who can make it. Hopefully, I'll be amongst the attendees in 2010!


  1. Renate, I hear you on the finances. I had seriously thought of attending and had only been thinking about the cost to get there. This AM I started thinking about all the other costs (hotel, rental car, boarding my furbaby while I'm gone) and decided I probably won't be able to do it this year. There were so many lectures I wanted to attend, too.

  2. Renate, sorry that you and Mavis won't be attending. I understand what you mean about the cost--it is quite expensive to fly from VA to Indiana and all the other expenses. This is my genealogy splurge for the year.

    I will definitely post about the conference on my blog after I return. Maybe I'll have time to post some things while I'm there.