Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another NATHANIEL siting! :)

Today I received further confirmation of Nathaniel Hawkins being my great-great grandfather. I think I have enough evidence now that I don't need to second-guess it anymore as to whether or not I have the correct name. I've received in the mail the death certificate of my great-aunt, Annie B. Green, and there on her death certificate is the given name of her father, NATHANIEL HAWKINS. So, there you have it. I now have two sources from two different locations for two different people, both of which name NATHANIEL HAWKINS as the father of Anna's children. (The first was the marriage bond for their oldest son, John W. Green, in Franklin County, NC).

Annie was the second daughter of Nathaniel Hawkins and Anna Green (although the informant on the death certificate gave the name as, Annie B. - the same as the deceased). She died in 1952 in Jacksonville, FL, where she had been living with her daughter, Jessie Patterson, and her husband, who I believe may have been a doctor. It was Jessie who served as informant on the death certificate. I've heard a few stories about Annie, all of which had one common theme -- She was MEAN! Also, according to my dear cousin, Florine, Annie looked white, and so did most of her children. I also know that several of her children did "pass" and disconnected themselves from the family back in Louisburg.

As thrilled as I am to have received this death certificate, it also raises a few questions. Annie is listed as a widow, yet I don't know of her being married, and even though it says this, there is no married name given. Also, the date of death is listed as 3-23-1952, but then the doctor says he last saw her at 3 a.m. on 3/24, so I'm not sure which is the actual date of death (although I think it's probably 3-24). The other thing is that Jessie gives her mother's date of birth as 12-20-1875, but everything I have has her born in 1871. She was 9 at the time of the 1880 Census, so I'm thinking that she was a bit older than Jessie thought she was, but I'll need to follow up on that.

Anyway, I'm more sure than ever now about Nathaniel Hawkins being my ancestor. He's still hiding from me, but I won't give up on finding out more about him, no matter how long it takes!


  1. Renate,

    Congratulations on confirming the identity of your gg grandfather. It never fails, does it? Answer one question, and two or three others pop up. But that the nature of the game, right?

    Strange how a close family member can get vital information wrong even when we think they should have known, or maybe it was just the stress of the moment. We'll never know. On my great grandfather's death cert. his son gave his year of birth as 1860. But in the 1870 census when he would have been abt 10yrs old, he was actually 27yrs old and married. His actual year of birth is abt 1844!!


  2. Howdy Renate & congrats on your new confirmation (although I bet your gut already told you who your GG Grand Daddy was!).

    San is on point with the catch >> answer 1 question & 3 more crop-up in its place!

    But hey, thank God for the answers & the new questions... each occurence adds another piece to the Ancestor puzzle!


  3. Luckie, you're right. But as you know, it's always exciting to find verifiable proof that family lore is indeed correct. :)