Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update #2 - (Finally) A Response from the City Manager

Dear Readers:
I have not been able to read this entire letter.  I got a message about it, and began reading, but I am at work, and my break is ending.  From what I did read (just the first few paragraphs), my sense is that Angela Harris is passing the buck, but I'll come back later with more of a commentary.  Meanwhile, I just want to share this with you, as I know that there are folks who are following along, and waiting for updates.

Please click HERE to read the letter of response from Angela Harris, Franklin County City Manager, regarding the destruction of historical documents in the courthouse basement.

Also, an article was just published in the Raleigh, NC-based News and Observer, yesterday.  I was interviewed extensively for this piece, but none of my comments were used.  (Hmmm...) Special thanks to genea-friend, Angela Walton-Raji, who helped me to tweet the news of this out on the day it was happening.  Certainly, those initial tweets played a significant role in gaining the "international attention" this situation has garnered.

Click here to read my eyewitness account (and first post on the subject) of what happened on December 6th, when (my) history was destroyed in Franklin County.

Click here to read the brief update I shared a month later, following a Franklin County Commissioners Meeting, during which several citizens spoke and inquired about the destruction of the records.

Thanks for reading.  Your comments are welcome!


Click HERE to read a final UPDATE on this very sad situation.